{August 7, 2006}   urrrg

ok, time to bring my mind back to some sort of reality. it’s 8pm on monday. there’s nothing I really *need* to do, although I should look at the email mum sent me. I should boot up my laptop, too, and see how far I got installing stuff on that. I should also clean up the kitchen :( and I guess eating would be a good idea…

soc project needs to be thought about – I need to test icq+gaim – if that works (because of their retarded aim-protocol usage) then I might as well do the same thing and figure out the icq stuff after soc. if it doesn’t work then I have to decide whether to leave out icq support and wrap up, or try to reverse-engineer it this week (I’m doubting that’d be feasible, my brain’s likely to burn out).

as for other stuff, I wanna do things but I think I should wait until soc’s dealt with, since there’s less than 2 weeks left. I can still rant, though… there’s a new rant on my laptop I need to post, and it left me with some unfinished thoughts about surfaces and chems that I really should try to sort out.

then there’s the evil school stuff – tuesday I should look over stuff, nag people and ask any questions I have.

for now, I should just clean the kitchen and get a decent meal. by then I’ll probably be ready for sleep anyways.

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