{August 10, 2006}   Intel’s opensource graphics

yup, just another post about intel being all nice and friendly and giving us true open source drivers, full drivers, for their cards. :)

I got burnt by nvidia this summer, and ever since then I’ve been looking for a way to get off the binary-driver dependence. but while my desktop comp was being useless and screwed-up in terms of 3d, I started playing games on my laptop instead… yes, the itty bitty laptop that I bought for homework, and never expected any gaming ability from. guess what: it’s doing just peachy. :) no fancy nvidia graphics, just an old intel i810 – and I couldn’t bear to turn down the rendering quality of games, but neverball with its shiny 3d-ness runs quite happily :)

I expect it’d have a bit more trouble with big games like NWN, but still, I’m quite impressed at how much it does – I never expected *any* 3d game to be playable on such a tiny machine :)

so, perhaps intel graphics would be sufficient for my next desktop, too…

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