{August 10, 2006}   Laptop sync

so, I’ve been using my laptop more. it’s nice. but, the info on it gets out of sync with my desktop. I’m not really sure how to deal with this.
see, I don’t want *everything* sync’d. I have different settings in kde, different kopete accounts, n’stuff. but I want my konq bookmarks at least somewhat synchronised (they need a reorganise, too, I’ve got hundreds of them), and I want my kontact stuff sync’d – calendar, addressbook, rss feeds… read/unread status of feeds if possible, too… oh, and knotes.

svn takes care of project stuff, but pim data like this just ends up a mess. I wonder if there’s any software designed for dealing with this? I know there’s plenty of sync software, but does any of it fit my situation?

[edit] Gof suggests unison. it looks powerful enough to do things intelligently, but since it’s not kde-ified I’ll have to manually choose what files I need sync’d.

ok, so I installed unison and tried it out. it’s a nice little thing, easy to use… but… it just doesn’t get along well with kde apps. they like to write to their files even when nothing’s really going on, and kabc changes large chunks of binary-ish stuff… and unison just kinda gets lost and gives up on even the smallest conflict. I haven’t figured ot how to set a merge proggy for it tto try yet.

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