{August 26, 2006}   barcamp! …and stuff

whee :) I’m at barcamp right now. it’s nearly 3am, so the people that are left are mostly going to sleep. most of the evening was spent just hanging out, meeting people and eating stuff. :) in the morning people will actually be talking about stuff… that’s in 5 or 6 hours. so I guess I should sleep :)

there are some kinda creepy people here though :P I think they’re drunk.
oh, and there are some nice people. one is practically a clone of Ryan Upton – he looks the same, talks the same, is from the same place – they even got married within a couple weeks of each other. o.0 weird but cool. :)

I haven’t felt like blogging much for a while. not sure why. partially because the computer was driving me insane with evilness, refusing to do anything without a struggle. SoC project is finished, but it took me nearly a week to get trunk merged to my branch, and now I’m waiting for my mentor’s permission to merge everything back to trunk. And by “finished”, I mean I accomplished everything I said I would, and it mostly works. there are, of course, bugs to work out and weird unexpected things to deal with. but that’ll probably happen in september.

oh, and earlier today I finally got accepted into SFU, yay! :) finally cleared the bureaucracy. so in a week or two I’m a student again. and in 8 months, I go off to china… scary. but fun. :)

aaand I really should sleep now.

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