{August 26, 2006}   I want stickers.

at the vanlug bbq last weekend, I picked up a few ubuntu stickers along with a spare copy of kubuntu. there weren’t any kubuntu stickers, so I figured I’d get a sticker of the kde logo and put that over it.

guess what: there’s no such thing.
if you hunt around for a while you can find a black&white sticker that has the letters KDE (booooring), a sticker of konqui the kde dragon (cute but obscure, and apparently the shipping to canada is about 12 euros), and a KDE-logo pin (I can’t stick a pin through my laptop!).

I don’t understand why I can’t get cool shiny stickers of the KDE logo. perhaps this is another example of marketing just kinda getting forgotten about.

so… I guess I should do something about this. I’m not sure what though. someone mentioned cafepress; I know nothing about them, but I guess if lots of other people wanted stickers too it might be worth looking into. or maybe there’s some local business that can print stickers – obviously they have to be good enough quality to survive the abuse my poor laptop gets, though. :)

when I’m less sleep-deprived I’ll have to look into this.

Kaz says:

Agreed! Personally I want some Kubuntu stickers. But I would settle for KDE. So thats one behind you at least. :p Good luck.

Chani says:

oh, cool. thanks. :)
that site does want an unusual amount of personal information, though…

daemen says:

I photoshopped some Kubuntu stickers.

Here’s the link to the image:

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