{August 29, 2006}   barcamp (saturday)

ok, I’ve finally recovered from the weekend sleep-deprivation. unfortunately it kinda killed my memory, so this isn’t going to be much of post.
I woke up saturday morning after only a few hours of sleep, and had a lovely breakfast – not only was there croissants and fresh fruit and bagels and muffins, but someone had bought nutella. I love nutella. :) and there was red bull in the fridge, which helped me survive the day – I was one of the few people there that cannot stand the taste of coffee.

around 10am or something, the schedule was organised and people started giving talks. I was bouncing around trying to be in every room at once, and it seems I just ended up managing to miss or forget everything. there were all sorts of interesting things, from drupal to advertising to yoga. unfortunately the yoga was at the same time as about 3 other things I wanted to hear about, so I completely missed out on it.

hopefully some of the knowledge was soaked up by my subconscious and will show up again at some point, because I know I heard lots of things, and I just can’t remember them right now.

still, it was great fun :) and I have a t-shirt, and lots of bits of paper. and some new friends :)

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