{August 29, 2006}   kde stickers

well, I looked around, and found a few options…
there are various places where I can get stickers in bulk, from about 100-1000, $150-$200, depending on various factors.
cafepress seems to offer single stickers for $2.50 plus shipping n’stuff, so I could do that – although they only accept nontransparent jpg or png, so I’ll have to download the logo and edit it to please them. or maybe copy the logo off their site – there are people selling kde tshirts, buttons, etc. already, just no darn stickers. maybe I could persuade one of them to add stickers to their store and save me the effort. or maybe I could set up my own store – does anyone else want kde stickers?

Chase Venters says:

Absolutely, yes, I’d buy KDE stickers and stick them more places than just my computer case.

Chani says:

hmm. that’s two people wanting stickers.
I think distribution might be a problem though. I’m in canada, far away from most kde people. cafepress would probably be easiest for very small amounts of stickers, but on the other hand, if LUGs were to buy a roll and hand them out it’d probably be more cost-effective. maybe I should ask my lug if any of them are interested. I haven’t found a local business, though, so I might end up having to stioll pay shipping costs.. I know there must be a local option, I just couldn’t find any via google. well, I think I found one that had a minimum order of 10,000. :P

yes me too. keep my email.. id like 10

Chani says:

hmmm. european people may want the kubuntu stickers mentioned in a comment on my other stickers post, but for me the shipping cost makes it more expensive than cafepress. mainly because euros are worth more than USD :) the shipping costs from cafepress seem quite reasonable, yay. I’m definitely leaning towards setting up my own shop.

Adriaan de Groot says:

There’s case badges available from Munnikes ( who does merchandising in the Netherlands. He’s probably open to the idea of stickers if you can describe them accurately. And there’s Konqui stickers from

Chani says:

naturally I have to read first, to find out what problems I might be in for…
basic summary: their t-shirts suck, and if you don’t make much money they won’t give it to you. but I’m not interested in t-shirts or money :)

Chani says:

Adriaan: that’s great for most people, but since I’m in canada, it’s cheaper to buy stuff from the same continent :)

Chani says:

I’ve ordered stickers from my new cafepress shop; I suggest nobody buy from it until I’ve made sure the stickers look right. I’ll post a summary of all this sticker stuff once they arrive.

Yeah, I’d love to have a KDE’s t-shirt and sticker. Maybe it could be a part of Spread KDE and someone with much money gives us a way to spread it around the world as Ubuntu… :P

Chani says:

henrique: someone’s already offering t-shirts on cafepress, and I bet one of the other links scattered around my blog has a european store selling them.

and yes, KDE needs more marketing! which does take money… hrmm… spreading kubuntu is good too, and seems more likely to have money behind it. I dunno why my lug was handing out several types of *ubuntu cds, but only plain ubuntu stickers. and I forgot to emakil them. doh

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