{September 25, 2006}   I <3 Google

my pizza ambassador stuff arrived this morning :) the t-shirt is really nice – and I get other cool junk too, like a keychain that lights up :) mmm, shiny things…
oh, and money of course. that’ll have to be put to good use this semseter – hooray for free pizza!

…I’m still waiting for my SoC t-shirt, though. I think it’s supposed to show up sometime in the next couple of weeks.

[and damn wordpesss for not intelligently handling a less-than-three!]

{September 24, 2006}   Wah, now I’m jealous

Everyone’s talking about the fun they’re having at akademy, and I’m not there :( flying to the other side of the world isn’t cheap, and I’m busy with school anyways.
still, life’s pretty fun here. had to panic a bit this morning when I realised I had a lot more homework than I thought I had, but it should be under control now. I even found time to catch up on some of the many blogs I want to read, and make my apartment slightly less of a disaster zone.

I noticed someone posting about the emptiness of their fridge; mine is pretty bad now too. I’ve probably spent more time at home in the last two days than in the previous two weeks :P there’s just so much to do up at SFU, and so few reasons to go home :) so, the fridge is pretty empty. I can probably recite the contents from memory… hmm. half a bottle of coke, one can of coke, one can of red bull (been there since July actually), some lemon juice and lime juice, ketchup, parmesan, salsa, guacamole that’s probably turned brown, sour cream that expires in 2 days, water, margarine, some… *things* that need to be thrown out.. oh, and leftover chili that I defrosted earlier. that’s about it.

Maybe I should go out and buy some stuff… I really should. I’ve been considering it for several hours, but it hasn’t happened. there are so many things I *could* do today that I doubt I’ll get any of them done :) another thing I really should do is start programming again; I’ve had a few weeks off to adjust to school, and my schedule seems to be settling down a bit, so I really should get the laptop set up properly. I think I did at least get gcc installed. I’m not used to being on a binary distro – kubuntu is lovely and convenient for general fun, but I’ve been doing all my programming on gentoo for so long…

Well, this is turning into random babbling, so I’ll cut it off. I’ve forgotten what I meant to say, anyways.

{September 20, 2006}   stickers have arrived!

huzzah! the cafepress stuff was on the floor when I got home – yay for packages that fit through the mailbox so that I don’t have to go through a song and dance to get them.

the sticker quality was about what I expected – not great, but not so bad either. they’re matte(sp?) not shiny, so I’m not sure how durable they are, and one of the images is completely the wrong shade of blue (strangely enough, it’s the same image that came out perfectly on the mini-buttons). I’ve taken that image away now, so both sticker shapes use the same picture. The good picture still could be better (you can kinda tell it was printed from a computer) but it’s good enough for me. Since they don’t sell square stickers, I suggest getting the rectangle and cutting it if you care about whitespace. that’s what I did. :)

I also love the little minibutton. I didn’t order a fullsize button, though. maybe I should have.
If there’s any other product you’d like one of the images on, just ask – but don’t expect me to test the quality. :) it’s only the rectangular sticker and the minibutton that I know are good.

in other news, SFU continues to be crazy busy. so many people, so many clubs – oh, and I guess I should do homework eventually. oh, and good news: I’m a 1st year rep, *and* I’m the google pizza ambassador for SFU! :) my party kit should be on its way soon. yay!
There’s way more stuff happening at SFU, far too much to remember – I should be sleeping! and doing homework! and a zillion other things! :)

{September 13, 2006}   stickers again

I’ve had various people asking about stickers, so I guess I should post again. I was planning to wait until the cafepress ones arrived, but they were sent without a tracking # so I guess they’re going to take a few weeks. :( they were sent on sep 2 via UPS, apparently. I wouldn’t recommend buying them until I’ve checked the quality, but if you really want to find my cafepress store, I used the name ‘chanika’.

also, there are some other resources available for europeans:
case badges, konqui stickers and kubuntu stickers.

I did finally email vanlug, but there hasn’t been time for any replies there. I’ve been very busy lately :) SFU is fun!

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