{September 13, 2006}   stickers again

I’ve had various people asking about stickers, so I guess I should post again. I was planning to wait until the cafepress ones arrived, but they were sent without a tracking # so I guess they’re going to take a few weeks. :( they were sent on sep 2 via UPS, apparently. I wouldn’t recommend buying them until I’ve checked the quality, but if you really want to find my cafepress store, I used the name ‘chanika’.

also, there are some other resources available for europeans:
case badges, konqui stickers and kubuntu stickers.

I did finally email vanlug, but there hasn’t been time for any replies there. I’ve been very busy lately :) SFU is fun!

Torsten Rahn says:

Hi Chani,

It would be very much appreciated if you could find out how people could receive stickers. We really should update our website concerning that information (any help on that would be great). The only thing I can currently contribute is the URL for our Clipart which is stored at:

More information about our Logo can be found at:

And basse has some nice Konqi pics on his website:


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