{October 26, 2006}   I still exist

so, what has happened since my last post?

mainly I’ve been drowning in homework. sometime back in september I got kde4 devel stuff set up, fiddled with kopete for a few minutes.. and I haven’t touched it since then. life got really stressful for a while with the beginning of midterms and my first paper proposal, but I seem to have survived everything and I might actually be learning to deal with it. maybe.

theres been other SFU stuff filling up the time when I’m not in panic mode; various fun parties, not-so-fun meetings, and stuff like that. the first google pizza was ordered on friday, along with the year’s first gaming night, and it went reasonably well. many people decided to steal the google cups – I can’t really blame them. :) despite them just being green plasic cups with white writing, there’s just something that makes them impossible to leave behind.

today was a big meeting – the SGM. we impeached almost half the SFSS board. of course they’ll probably refuse to recognise this, so I expect the lawsuits will start now :P more of our money wasted on those jerks, ugh. anyone who actually wants to know what I’m talking about can read about it at the SDU site.

I haven’t had time to really exist online – akregator tells me I have about 500 unread articles, of which 1/3 are probably planetkde :) I guess if I get some free time I should give up on them and start reading the current ones. but first I have a ton of reading to do… and physics homework… and then tuesday the essay-panic begins again…

other amusing things in life: halloween costume is half-done, my apartment had no water for nearly 24 hours (I took a very long shower when I found it working tonight), I now own both katamari games, and I really need to stop typing and go to sleep :P

goalie says:

WE impeached their corrupt asses. But apparently the pres wasn’t even a student anyways because he flunked out of womens’ studies..

Chani says:

yup. his one non-credit course just doesn’t count… I’m guessing that was why he was one of the only two G7 people not in there speaking – if he’d tried to go in it would’ve been painfully obvious that he’s not a student :)

dmatriz says:

nice blog :)

love tge blog =p

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