{November 24, 2006}   So close, and yet so far…

just one week of classes left before exams. yay! :) the madness is almost over. however, this means deadlines are looming. I have two papers due – one on wednesday and one on friday. I at least have a vague outline for the friday one, but I’m still doing the research for the wednesday one. *winces* it’s taking a lot of effort to not panic. and there are still normal quizzes and things to keep up with.

At least it’ll be over soon. next semester should be much easier to handle. I hope. :)

In other news, the SFSS bank accounts should be un-frozen now, although the compromise reached seems kinda weird. hopefully the court case will be dealt with quickly so we can get these morons to finally *leave*.
I have a vague feeling I was planning to summarize some info, but I can’t remember what, and I need to get back to my homework… the only thing I remember off the top of my head is that next thursday and friday are the court dates – I hope I can find time to go watch.

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