{November 26, 2006}   Snow!

yup, it’s snowing :) I went out last night and had a snowball fight. then there was a power outage during the night – I’m so glad my little old UPS still has enough power to let me shut down grendel.

I’m a bit concerned about what’ll happen on monday, though – will the buses be able to make it up to SFU? I don’t care much about my physics lecture, but I don’t want my martial arts class to be cancelled :(

anyways, I guess I have to get back to doing homework… grr, evil homework.

Thomas Zander says:

Ohh, snow! Make a picture later, please! :)

Its 15⁰C here, so snow is a long way away…

The buses may make it up, but I can guarantee you that most cars won’t. It’s gorgeous, though, isn’t it? I’m going out for a midnight walk on the Seawall because it’s just so beautiful.

Mel says:

It’s 35⁰C here, so make the most of your snow and 15⁰C! ;)

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