{December 9, 2006}   tiiired

somehow survived exams today :) alarm went off at 5:30am, woke up at 6:23am and ran out at 6:35; missed the bus I’d wanted but still had time to walk to the skytrain and get to the 145 before the crowds. god do we ever need more buses.
saturday exams are cruel. especially at 8:30am. but I think I did fairly well on phys, and didn’t do too awfully on asc. and I got the mark for my asc term paper – 84% :)

now I’d like to collapse but there’s still too much sugar in my bloodstream. I think I need to replace it with alcohol :)

just one exam left… and I have a few days to relax before I start thinking about it.

tomorrow I need to start thinking about getting back into KDE n’stuff.

Thomas Zander says:

8:30 on a Saturday?
I feel your pain! That’s just plain evil indeed.

I guess you won’t read this until you are done with all things school and either tipsy or doing KDE stuff again (or both ;)

So, welcome on the normal side of life and have fun!

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