{December 15, 2006}   what a day

feels like the day should be over, but it’s only 2:30…

so, I had trouble getting to sleep last night, about as much as usual. I figure I fell asleep somewhere between 12:30 and 1:30am. then at 3:30, the storm woke me. first there was just a blip from the UPS as the power flickered, but a few minutes later it went out and stayed out. so after about 5 minutes without power, I figure it’s time to shut down the comps and turn off the UPS so that it stops its darn beeping. between that and the wind literally howling outside my window, I was too awake then to get back to sleep until maybe 5am. my alarm clock went off at 5:30am, because last exam I didn’t wake up until an hour after the alarm went off. I had planned to leave at 7:10 even when I’d expected normal weather; I do *not* want to be late for a final exam.

so, at 5:30 I was wondering if SFU was even open… the radio alarm, which I hadn’t expected to work on battery alone, was reporting power outages and trees down all over the place, including gaglardi – meaning no buses to SFU. I started wondering who I could call for a ride, or if I might have to walk up the mountain. at some point I hooked up the UPS to hte modem and used my laptop to check stuff online; the SFU page said everything was fine, and translink at first had nothing and then said the same as the radio – no buses to SFU. I found phone numbers for each of them and shut down the laptop; the SFU number continued to say that uni was open and buses were running, while translink had only the automated idiot-bot until 6:30, then was so overloaded I couldn’t get through at all.

I figured the only way to know which was right was to walk to the bus stop and see for myself – the first bus being at 7:05. so I gathered up my stuff and headed out. all the traffic lights were dead; 4-way stops make crossing the street a little scary. I was almost at the bus stop when I saw the bus whiz by. annoying, but at least it was running :) and I did have plenty of time. next bus was supposed to be at 7:25, but by then there was a traffic jam… still, it wasn’t so bad. got to SFU at 7:50, and the journey usually takes about 10 minutes. there were a bunch of trees down in front of the ASB, and while I was finding a way around the area it started to hail! crazy, crazy weather. it was snowing very prettily about 20 minutes after that.

so, I had a fair amount of time to relax before my 8:30 exam.. which didn’t actually start ’till 8:50. this was partially because the storm had made so many people late, and partially because the teacher was doing a 2-hour exam in the 3-hour timeslot. turned out to be quite an easy exam, too – it only took me about an hour :)

so now I’m done all my exams! yay! :) …although by the time I got home, internet was out as well as power. and I didn’t have any food. I went out to look for places to buy food.. and didn’t find much. burquitlam had no power, except for one pizza place I don’t like that took only cash for orders under $12. lougheed mall was closed too. luckily my bank was one of the few buildings with power, so I was able to get cash, and found some odd little place serving breakfast food. slow, but not bad.

then when I got home again, I had power and internet. :) whee!
I think I’ll go collapse now.

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