{December 19, 2006}   Kubuntu upgrade

well, today I decided it was finally time to upgrade to edgy. I had a full backup of my entire partition, plus extra backups of the more important stuff… I ran the dist-upgrade and it kinda mostly went okay. :) there were various odd things, like it choking on koffice-libs but not having any problem on the second try, and there was a lot of stuff it held back for no apparent reason, but even so, nothing broke too badly – just kdm and knetworkmanager refusing to work until I’d got all hte packages properly upgraded and kubuntu-desktop reinstalled.

it seems to have done some odd things to fonts, which I haven’t worked out yet… there’s some new second battery monitor that seems shiny but way too dumbed-down… things are generally shinier. and a few things started working better. I wanna see what else has changed… but right now there are things slightly more important than playing with the shiny new software :)

canllaith says:

If you do a clean install rather than an upgrade, the new monitor is all that you get. It does seem a little limited to me as well – kpowersave and klaptop both support some user control of the cpu frequency scaling that is sorely lacking in the new monitor. I’m glad I’m not the only person who found it a bit over simplistic =)

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