{December 28, 2006}   well, I at least *looked* at some code today…

ok, so I have kde4 stuff set up again. I got kopete to run, and sometimes I can even log into aim without it freezing. ah, the joy of working with pre-alpha software :/

well, at least I can have a conversation and see what’s being typed… that’s a nice thing. the chatwindow seems to be one of the most common points of breakage.

now… I… don’t really know what to do. :)
I guess I should go look over my old code and figure out what I was doing with it, and what still needs to be done… and what’s broken while I was busy…
it’s kinda hard to get back into things after not coding for months. especially when most of what was left of the filetransfer stuff was evil little things like the icq protocol not actually working as documented. and every version of the official aim client reacting slightly differently.

et cetera
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