{January 4, 2007}   power!!

yay, I *finally* got a new battery for my laptop! :) it’s only a 6-cell – I’ve given up on trying to find a 9-cell – but it’s certainly better than my poor old 3-cell that’s giving me less than an hour of power these days… it looks like I’ll be able to get about 3 hours out of the new battery. :) that means I no longer have to be constantly checking for power outlets.

I suppose it won’t matter quite so much this semester, though – I have 12 credits worth of mandarin and nothing else. 4 hours a day in one classroom. I do hope we get more than one break a day; I cannot sit in a chair that long.

as for kopete: I need testers! it seems I’ve completely lost the data about one of the aim bugs, and iirc I’m going to have to do a lot of reverse-engineering for icq, so I need people with the official clients that are willing to accept and send files over and over and over.

Thomas Zander says:

is there a Kopete based on Qt4 yet?

Josel says:

if you don’t find anybody else, I could install the client and use one of my test UINs.
I’m currently ill and therefore unable to do any serious development so I have enough time.

@Thomas Zander

Yes there is a Kopete based on Qt4, just look in kdenetwork in trunk

reldruh says:

I’m willing to do lots of file transfers. I’d love to see that in Kopete.

Chani says:

silly me, I suppose it would help if I gave account info… for testing, I use chanikopete on aim and 273454723 on icq.

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