{January 8, 2007}   back to the grind

today was the first day of the new semester.
oh god.

so, it was already bad that I had almost switched to a nocturnal schedule during the break, and didn’t manage to get much sleep last night. then forgot to bring lunch, or even water. this just generally started things off badly.

then I found out that what we had been told were optional tutorials for getting extra help were “optional” in name only; they would be extra practice classes, and at least once a week there’ll be stuff worth marks there. this takes my schedule from 16 to 22 hours a week, and means that I don’t get fridays off :( and of course we’re going to have plenty of homework too. speaking of which, I should get back to that. there’s a quiz in the morning.

I’d been hoping that I’d have an easier semester, with time for programming.. silly me. :(
looks like it’s going to be hard work instead – I’ll have to figure out what happened to my BCIT work habits and get those back before my brain implodes. I got far too stressed out today.

I’ll still try and find time for kopete on the weekends, but I’m not sure how well that’ll work :( and the summer is looking pretty busy too – I certainly won’t be applying for SoC this year.

oh well. at least life in general seems to be going well :) *crosses fingers* and my laptop’s been much better at hibernation ever since I upgraded to edgy. although I don’t even get time to *open* my laptop in these mandarin classes…

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