{January 10, 2007}   long day

right now I’m stranded up at SFU. it sounds like traffic is beginning to move, though, so maybe if I can persuade someone to drive up here I could get home.

so, this morning went well. I got up early, went to the evil mall and got various things, including rubber boots. the snow was beautiful.

then I went to class, and the first half was fun. I checked my email during a break and found out that there’s been a curriculum change and I might have to take a fifth course this semester. it’s just math, but still, I’m already feeling a bit overwhelmed by the mandarin :( I don’t have time to think about other things!

for the entire 4-hour class, it was snowing heavily and buses were “delayed” according to the internet. then around the time class ended they stopped – so, I’m probably stuck up here with pete. internet’s being flaky, but if I can get online later I’ll write more.

update: we went back to the common room after dinner (dinner taking a couple of hours because there were so many people and one of our dishes disappeared) and a friend offered us a ride down the hill. by the time we left part of the road had been plowed, so we got home ok, and basically just went to bed.

naturally the roads were all clear this morning so SFU was open again for our class at 9:30am :P all that snow and we didn’t get to miss class – then again, we have so much to learn that that’s probably a good thing. :)

now the sun is shining, the sky is blue and the fishpond is frozen over (I kicked it, but didn’t try to stand on it). it’s really beautiful :) pete took some pictures, so maybe I’ll link to those after he uploads them.

robbat2 says:

I hear some busses in New West have stopped as well.

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