{January 19, 2007}   yay vacation

k, so before my schedule got insanely busy I signed up for the annual CSSS ski/snowboard trip. seeing as it’s non-refundable (afaik) I had to
make time for it – luckily I only had to miss one hour of class to get to the bus on time. :)

anyways, it looks like it’s going to be a great weekend. I’m on the bus right now, typing in vim and hoping that there’ll be net access at som
e point. :) it’s about 9:30pm, we stopped in chilliwack for dinner around 7-9pm, and ETA is sometime around midnight.

surprisingly, the journey hasn’t been boring at all. we watched a movie, played trivia games which kinda degenerated into making fun of the dr
unks at the back of the bus… :) now we’re watching some weird snowboarding video thing, and someone just got in trouble for trying to smoke
pot – I guess they were drunk enough to not realise we’d smell it. lol.

I’m really glad I have that spare battery now – poor little laptop can’t be recharged on the bus. anyways, our guides are cool and I think thi
s is gonna be a really fun weekend :) although I do have to find some time for homework, I guess. life is pretty nuts; at some point I need to
find time for a bit of rest! especially since I’m technically sick. laughed so much earlier that I started coughing again. but I feel pretty
darn good :)

yay, found net access in, uh, princeton or something. just stopping here a few minutes apparently.

et cetera
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