{January 24, 2007}   the ski trip

k, so, I already blogged about the fun bus ride there. so we finally arrived, and the room we were in was quite nice… but… there were three beds (two double, one single). and seven of us. also, there was no hot tub.
we discovered that the couch was a futon, and one guy used a chair cushion and slept on the floor… I got the top bunk in one of the bedrooms. I had some medicine to stop my cough so that I didn’t keep anyone awake… but it wasn’t enough to let *me* sleep through the constant tossing and turning from the guy on the bottom bunk – every time he moved, the whole thing swayed. I’m surprised that it hasn’t fallen apart :P

in hte morning, three of us needed rentals – we were supposed to meet our guides at 8am, but they were nowhere in sight. so, 6 of us wandered around and eventually found our way to the village. after getting rentals and food, we headed out.
only one other guy in our group was snowboarding, and he was fairly advanced, so after messing around onhte bunny hill for a while I joined up with some of the guys skiing and they took me on one of the easy runs… which was definitely not meant for snowboarders. lots of flat areas. ended up having one foot out to push myself along for a lot of the first half. it got better after that, though – and the flatness seems to have taken away my fear of pointing the board straight down the mountain. I had a lot of fun the rest of the day, actually being able to go downhill without falling at every turn :)

at 3:30 it was supposed to end, and we got some free snacks in the pub at 4… which naturally lead to non-free beer. and then more alcohol back at our cabin. our guides were trying to sort out why us and one other group had no hot tub, and suggested we go knock on some other doors – but the door numbers she gave were for boring people that had already gone to bed :P it was only 7 or 8pm!

so, after a few more drinks, we decided to improvise :)
we filled the bathtub with hot water, the sink with ice and beer, and sat around in there for a while. it was a lot of fun :)
after that, I seem to remember going back to the pub for food, and waiting a stupidly long time to play a game of pool…

so eventually we got tired… at, like, 1am or something… I stole allen”s spot on the futon ’cause I did not want another night on the evil bunk bed. slept really well that night :) then in the morning we packed up – luckily ours was one of the late checkout areas so we could just leave our stuff – then went off for more skiing/snowboarding. it wasn’t as fun that day – my muscles were all sore and it felt like I’d forgotten everything I’d learnt and had a lot less control. weird. but still, it wasn’t bad :) I decided to quit a bit earlier than planned and just sat in the cafeteria relaxing until the guy with the locker key came back so I could get my shoes.

we were supposed to be at the bus at 3pm, so around 2:30 we walked back up to our room… by 3:20 everyone was on the bus, so we actually left *before* the 3:30 deadline. amazing. our group won a large amount of the prizes on the way back – I got a hat and a useless non-transferable discount coupon – and after that they just played movies for the whole trip. since I was sitting just one seat behind the tv – perfect view – this kinda interfered with my plans to do homework. oh damn, writing this has used up my studying time. oops. time to run to class!

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