{March 5, 2007}   for those of you that I’ve forgotten to tell…

(and there seems to be quite a few people)
I’m going to china at the end of april. for two years.
why? SFU’s Dual Degree Program. It’s also the reason I’ve practically disappeared: way, way too much studying to do.

yes, there will be a party before I leave. somehow, somewhere. I only have a couple of weeks at the end of august to rest and pack up n’stuff. I’m not sure exactly when I’m leaving; it’ll be somewhere between april 26 and may 2nd. my last exam is on april 16.
I do sometimes get free time on the weekends, still; it goes to the people who pester me the most, or respond to random text msgs fast enough.

Steve says:

Hey, Chani! Congratulations! That’s awesome you get to go to China! I’m jealous! I guess all that work paid off. :)

Thiago Macieira says:

Congratulations! As a double-degree graduate myself (albeit in Engineering, not Computing Science), I can only recommend it. It contributes a lot to one’s development, in many different aspects.

petedenner says:

Oh you have to study so hard. I’m sooooo sorry for you.
Come on, in every single post I read from you all the time the same statements. What did you think studying is? Having a lot of spare time without doing any work?
How embarrassing.

Chani says:

ooh, my second troll!
:P it’s my blog, I’ll write about what I like. if you have a problem with that, leave. duh.

(and for the record, comp sci courses at BCIT required a lot less studying – just more homework. which I usually did in lecture, if I wasn’t sleeping or playing nethack :)

hi says:

Before you go, can you please get your blog off Planet KDE? Not trying to be offensive, it just doesn’t seem like there’s any even remotely KDE content here, and it doesn’t look like there will be!

Chani says:

hmm… good point :/ there was *supposed* to be lots of kde-related stuff. I set this blog up as SoC was ending… now I just don’t have time for any programming at all, and probably won’t for quite a while :(

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