{April 6, 2007}   oh yeah, I have a blog

[if this shows up on planetkde, it’s not my fault! I asked for my blog settings to be changed but the guy in control seems to be away at the moment or something.]

I haven’t been as insanely busy as usual lately… just haven’t felt like blogging much. :)
stuff has happened – I got a bike, for one thing. have to relearn how to ride safely before going to china. sounds like the traffic there will be madness – and the relatively calm, sane traffic here scares me quite enough :P I only rode on sidewalks n’stuff as a kid, so I know almost nothing about riding on the road, but I’ve been learning. I’m even in a few seconds of the march 07 critical mass vid on youtube. :)

I’m quite possibly the second most disorganised pizza ambassador ever, though. with my evil schedule I haven’t seen much of the students outside my class, and haven’t been able to attend any CSSS meetings. makes it kinda hard to buy pizza (or any food) for people. I tried to organise something with my classmates, but they were always too busy for free food, so I gave up on that. for the last csss meeting of the semester I delegated my pizza job to the president – yay jenn! so they got pizza, and the meeting took so long I was able to pop in after class and grab a slice for myself. :)
then on thursday, the last day of classes for everyone except my crazy chinese class, I found myself exhausted and starving and sitting around in hte common room too tired to bother going home. then realised that there were people there, and I should spend some of the pizza money while I had the chance… well, I was halfway through dialing the number of our usual pizza place when my phone died completely. then someone told me that it wasn’t even open yet (although I’m not so sure that’s true). so I gave up on that and wandered over to cornerstone to see where I could get large amounts of food on short notice. ended up with two big plates of sushi :) yum. I just hope the guy taking photos remembers to send them to me before I forget who he was…

I think I still have some google money left, too. maybe I’ll buy some easter candy next and give it to whichever comp sci students are on campus during exam time.

I’m sure there’s more stuff that happened, but my memory just gets worse and worse.
19 days left until I leave the country, now. gosh. time’s going by so fast :) so much to do before I leave!

Thomas says:

Don’t worry about the planet kde thing; there are people who write 11 blogs about their new php code there ;)

Its actually really nice to hear about your preparing to go to china. I just hope I’ll hear updates when you actually get settled in there.

Have a good one!

Chani says:

well, apparently the Great Firewall blocks wordpress – and they recently blocked LJ too. but I doubt that’ll stop me ;)

the only thing I’m concerned about is the first couple of weeks – I’ll be at a friend’s internetless house for one week, and then the second week is a holiday so I probably won’t be able to get net access hooked up. the school sounds like it’s kinda backwards when it comes to network stuff, too. should be able to find some internet cafe to check email, but I dunno whether I’ll find unsecured wireless around. I’m so used to vancouver – there are so many wireless routers everywhere that I sometimes wonder why I still pay for my own connection. ;)

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