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wordpress and konq do not get along lately. grar. I reported the problem a while ago. oh well.

the last two weeks have been exam time. except that the chinese course kept going through the beginning of exams. during the easter weekend, when I wasn’t fiddling with voip I was studying for math. ended up doing fairly well on the exam, although I wish I could’ve got the bonus question :)
I’ve not been paying so much attention to chinese though. burnt out. a bit more concerned with doing the things needed to actually *get* to china, too. I have plane tickets, I have vaccinations – pretty much everything except insurance at this point. and still I seem to have a zillion things to do. my chinese final was on monday, and I was kinda hoping to get to relax after that… but I underestimated the number of things that need to be done when leaving the country for two years. I’ve got less than a week left, now… have to pack up, move out, sell things, see friends, etc, etc…

had a bit of an adventure the night before the final, though. :) I decided that I wasn’t going to accomplish much by trying to study, and I’d rather take a chance to see friends before leaving. so I went out to a fun bbq, and lost track of time. a bit after midnight I realised how late it was, and sunday the skytrain stops early… I checked the schedules, and was just too late to get back the way I came. it looked like I could catch the last skytrain from commercial drive, though, if I went really fast. so I hopped on my bike and rushed down there… and arrived at 12:34. the skytrain left at 12:30.
so then it was either wait 2 hours for the nightbus to start, or bike all the way home. I had lots of energy, so I decided to try biking :) I followed the bus route in case I got too tired – it also happened to be a nice straight line. discovered that my bike light is only for letting people see me, not for lighting up a dark road. :/ that was spooky. luckily I didn’t hit anything sharp. I did have to deal with a damaged pedal, though. my bike has straps on the pedals, and part of the plastic broke on one so that it didn’t hold my foot properly. I need to stick a roll of electrical tape or something in my backpack.
I got home right at 2:30, exhausted but happy :) it was fun, and a nice feeling to not be so dependent on the buses. as for the exam on monday, well, I survived. with lots of caffeine.


I’ve had problems with WordPress and Konqueror over and over. While WordPress devs might characterize it differently I’m sure, I get the sense that they don’t consider Konqueror worth the debugging time.

Themes are a different issue all together.

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