{April 25, 2007}   leaving on a jet plane

it still hasn’t quite sunk in. just a few hours left before I’m on a plane, on my way to china. wow.

I might not have much net access for the next few weeks. I’ll pop onto irc when I get the chance… maybe I’ll put together a makeshift blog on if I can’t access wordpress or lj. once I get my own account in my dorm I should be properly online – but then I’ll have classes again.

Lee says:

Sounds like quite an adventure :)


Anon Cow says:

Chani in China, ain’cha ?

(association of anonymous anagramophiles)

Jos says:

about 10 minutes in this stream is a nice version of ‘leaving on a jet plane’

robbat2 says:

For anybody reading here and wondering about posts, wordpress is indeed blocked, and Chani’s temporary blog is at

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