There’s a proposal to adopt Microsoft’s Office “Open” XML as an international standard. Yep, the big nonstandard “standard” that is full of contradictions and confusions and patent worries. the “standard” that was created as a response to the Open Document Format. We should be standardising on that instead: ODF is already an ISO standard, is truly open, unencumbered, and is already used by at *least* two Free editors that I know of, plus there’s a plugin for MS Office. There must be at least one Canadian reading this blog; let’s let our government know what this “standard” really is. they’ve provided a forum for responses; let’s hope they actually listen to them. …just remember that they’ll listen better if the posts sound like they’re coming from a calm, rational adult and not a crazy linux fanatic ;)

[for the record: in the end, canada voted no. yay!]

{May 20, 2007}   settling in

I’ve been in hangzhou for a while now, and I feel like I’m starting to get used to it. still haven’t figured out some things, though – like why the store across the street sells ketchup but not vinegar :)
I’ve been updating my makeshift blog fairly regularly lately. haven’t got around to setting up proper uncensored net access yet.

{May 5, 2007}   I’m in China!

Well, I’ve been here for a while. spent about a week in zhenjiang, and I’ve been in hangzhou for a couple of days now. wordpress is blocked, and I couldn’t remember my password, so this i hte first chance I’ve had to post here. I’m using links, and the textr has run off the end of the scvreen, so I don’t know what IU’m typing. my makeshift blog is at – it’s not much, but it’s the easiest way to update from internet cafes.

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