{June 3, 2007}   cleanup time

so the last few days I’ve been working on cleaning up my computer. deleting old junk, finding out what the hell “test.log” and “foo.txt” were for, that sort of thing. :) I’ve also been working on getting better internet access – with privoxy and ssh -D and corkscrew and connect-proxy, I’m managing to get a fair amount of stuff online. still no pop access, though. grr. I don’t like gmail’s interface any more.

yesterday I finally got kde4 updated and compiled (mostly – meinproc was failing a lot in the doc folders). it’s not so happy about running individual apps, but when I started up a full kde4 desktop it worked surprisingly well. :) the only problem was that after about 30 seconds, kdesktop would suddenly clobber plasma and I’d see the default kubuntu wallpaper instead of the pretty plasmoids. not too hard to kill it off once I found the culprit, though. :)

now that I’ve got a shiny updated kde4 (and oh boy is it ever shiny these days) I guess it’s time I got some code written. I haven’t bothered compiling kdenetwork seeing as my net access is so nutty right now, but there’s already a bunch of other things I want to work on – looking at how kate saves stuff and why there’s no autosave, finding out why exactly socks and kio hate each other and if it can be fixed… oh, and since I discovered that the kde4 proxy settings don’t actually save properly, I guess that would be the first thing to fix :)

there’s still a bit of cleanup to do as well, though – my partitions are a mess so I want to get lvm set up, and then I’m thinking of trying out some other distros… kubuntu is kinda bugging me lately. I miss gentoo, but I don’t think my poor laptop can handle all the compiling – it was getting pretty darn hot building kde4, even with 25% cpu throttling.

but all that has to happen later – class is starting now!

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