{June 8, 2007}   kubuntu feisty

well, the update did indeed go smoothly. most of the issues I found after rebooting were weird graphical changes, like the widget style being changed and my clock mysteriously disappearing. nothing that couldn’t be fixed in a few minutes. the biggest thing was that privoxy started failing at dns a lot, but I eventually realised that it was due to a new setting in the config file, so that was easy to fix too. :)

unfortunately I haven’t seen many improvements yet, either. gmail and wordpress still mess with konqueror – supposedly the gmail fix is in 3.5.7 and I’ve got 3.5.6 :P
I probably have a newer version of kdevelop that I should go check out, though. :) and… networkmanager seems to no longer be baffled by my static ip. that’s certainly an improvement :)

[edit: ick, found a bad thing: konq 3.5.6 gets along even worse with wordpress. it’s often impossible to delete text when creating a post – how the heck did they manage that one!?]

now I’m reading about lvm, and hoping to set it up tomorrow. my partitions are a mess, so I need to do this before I can make space to try out any other distros.

I guess I should get back to kde4 stuff, too.

then there’s various coding projects, and studying, and projects that are meant to help with studying… but I’ll probably end up procrastinating instead :) I *still* haven’t bought anything that’s actually effective at killing or repelling mosquitoes.

the updates to 3.5.7 are available on the kubuntu website.

liquidat says:

Welcome to the wonderful world of konqueror in KDE 3.5.6 :(

The wordpress-bug is reported for quite some time now, however I don’t know if anyone ever dealt with it. I don’t have KDE 3.5.7 yet so I can’t say if it has been fixed or not.

yglodt says:

I found that some features of kubuntu did not work due to an old kde profile which I used since years. So I renamed my .kde, and let feisty create a new one. Most visible change was that the volume keys of my laptop suddently worked… Try to create a new account for testing… hope it can help you

konqbug says:

Thanks for posting about the wordpress bug, I didn’t notice the bug report on it (kinda easy to miss a bugs-dist post with all the other list traffic). Patch for it is awaiting review on kfm-devel…

And if you wanted to know how it happened… Well, one person fixed a super-cosmetic bug in a way that was kinda dangerous. That caused a super-subtle interaction in that the renderer was asked to synchronize with the DOM after the widget value got changed but before Qt emitted the textChanged signal, which made the renderer think it’s out-of-date and promptly overwrite the editted value with the from from the DOM.


Chani says:

konqbug: ooh, thanks :) any thoughts on the new-post-taking-forever bug? maybe I should actually go find bug reports… there are lots of things that I keep meaning to report, but forget.

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