{June 14, 2007}   basket

I rediscovered basKet this week. back in september I started using it for organising course info, but by the end of the semester I didn’t use it much, and quickly forgot it was running at all. with the upgrade to feisty, I suddenly found it intergrated with kontact – and man is it ever shiny. :) it’s like a little piece of kde4 in my kde3 desktop :)

then I heard rumours that it might not get into kde4… meep. luckily it kinda sounds like it’s got new developers now, so maybe it’s safe after all.

actually, I realised someting today: I think I’d like to have basket as my desktop. when I have baskets with notes freely scattered around, not in columns, it really feels like what I’d like plasma to be. :) all it needs is the ability to toss in animated stuff like a cpu monitor thingummy.

Daniel says:

Incidentally, Basket Note Pads now has a SuperKaramba desktop applet too… Not exactly the same thing, but…

Yuriy says:

That’s exactly what I felt when I tried basKet. It’s very close to what I imagined plasma to be like and it would be great to have basket notes on the desktop.

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