{June 14, 2007}   random babble about the week

I tend to lose track of days if I’m not blogging about them. I need to get back in the habit of writing stuff down so that I have some reference.
life’s been very up-and-down lately. some days suck, some are really great.

My appetite seems to have finally returned to normal this week, and I am incredibly thankful for that. You don’t really realise how important food is until you can’t eat it. even after I wasn’t feeling sick any more, I still had a very small appetite for a while, and was quite sick of the cafeteria food – now I can eat pretty much anything. :) yay! I’m going to try to be more careful about what I eat, though. don’t wanna upset my stomach again :/ last night we went to an indian restaurant. relatively expensive, but mmm so good. pete and jon tried to order one dish “really hot”, but it was so mild I could eat it, and I have hardly any tolerance for spicy food. next time they’ll have to try to explain that they they actually do want it hot. :)

tuesday morning I found out that if we miss a certain number of classes we can’t write the exam, so I spent a while trying to remember which days I’d been sick so that the teacher could mark them down. I still need to check with the other two teachers to see if anyone told them I was sick – I assumed someone would, but it seems not. I was a bit preoccupied with *being* sick, myself. :)

the weekend was fun – I already blogged about pizza hut, but forgot to mention it was the first time I ate pizza with a fork. :) these days I see forks so rarely, I feel weird holding one…
on sunday I met up with a friend of a friend of a friend – and later found out he’s also friends with the only guy in our group that can already speak chinese :) small world, eh?

I seem to have just done lots of small things this week – like studying for a test, procrastinating about studying… oh, I did finally do some cleaning. and I have a mosquito tent for my bed now – no more evil bugs biting me while I try to sleep, yay :) the mosquitoes here are such sneaky bastards, it’s really hard to kill them.

I think I need to start studying more, though. well, I always *mean* to.. but I should make another attempt at actually getting ahead. it’s too easy to get distracted by shiny things :)

oh yeah, and I ended up talking to some guy on jabber who said that some other guys wanted me to do a lecture on kde at the uni here, and should have emailed me…
interesting. I think I’ll put that out of my mind until said email actually arrives, though.

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