{June 17, 2007}   more python fun

so I finally made some progress on my ideas for chinese-practice programs.
I’ve got a little quiz app that’ll help me study (if I actually use it instead of just working on it), a script to make creating lesson files faster, and a simple thing to make looking up words in cedict easier – now I just have to paste the text and hit enter, instead of grepping the cedict file myself. :)

they’re all really quick, simple things, but I guess I’ll show a couple screenshots of the quiz app anyways. at this point it’s still got the lesson filename hardcoded in, even!
I’m hoping that someday I can make it a proper little kde app.
Zi Drill 1
Zi Drill 2

Wow! This is exactly what I was looking for! I am studying mandarin at school and would gladly help you out testing it and adding vocabulary. If this is Open Source, where can I get it from? Send me an email please. Thank you!

Chani says:

well, right now it’s only in my personal repository. I’ve uploaded a copy of the current code to – have fun :)

David says:

Hi Chani. I developped quite a similar software to learn my chineses lessons. It’s in Java. You can have a look there :

See you !

Anne-Marie Mahfouf says:

Hi Chani,

Awesomely cool! Does it run on KDE3 or KDE4?
If it is KDE4 you can import the code in playground/edu!


Chani says:

anne: it’s pyqt4, so it’ll run fairly easily anywhere. I’d love to get it into the edutainment stuff :) but I assume that’d mean adding shiny kde enhancements, and I should probably focus on studying this week. exams are coming up soon

jpwhiting says:

Hi Chani,
I’m with annma, I think this would be a great addition to kiten actually. It already has japanese in it with edict. I’ve considered adding cedict to it myself.

BTW, I’m also a student of mandarin since I lived in Taiwan for 2 years.


Bille says:

I’d like to see this mature too, have got some friends learning Mandarin that this might bring to KDE..

Simon Gray says:

I actually though of writing an app which looked just like this myself. Thanks a lot!

Kiruwa says:

heya Chani,
One other thing you might want to take a look at is anki .
It’s a spaced repitition flashcard system written in python-qt4 for japanese (but the basic flashcard system should work for chinese)

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