{June 19, 2007}   laptop troubles

oh dear. my poor little laptop is getting sicker. :(
some months ago, probably back in winter sometime, I was silly enough to bring it out in a pub, while fairly drunk, and got a spoonful of ice cream on the edge of the keyboard. I cleaned it out the next day, and left it to dry, and it seemed to be okay – apart from the capslock key taking more effort to press, which was actually a good thing.

but a couple of months ago, it started acting up. the capslock would randomly turn itself on every once in a while. this was slowly getting more and more frequent, and about a week ago it got so annoying that I used xmodmap to switch it to a ctrl key (thinking that having ctrl bumped once in a while wouldn’t matter).
yesterday it got to the point where it was sticking ctrl down, not just hitting it for a split second. took me several minutes to figure out what was happening, since I’d already forgotten about remapping the key :) so I removed the mapping entirely. capslock now does nothing at all.

I thought this would solve things… but no.
today, my tab key has started having the same issue :( I can’t just turn off the tab, it’s such a useful key…
I’m considering taking the keyboard apart again and seeing if I can do anything, but it’s really fiddly and not easy to take apart, and I might just make things worse.
I can’t send it away to be fixed – don’t know where to send it, or if an old laptop like this would be accepted anywhere, don’t want to be without my darling laptop for months, don’t really trust other people to not make it worse somehow, and all my receipts are in a box in canada anyways.
so, I guess for now I’m living with a possessed laptop.

I am so sorry for your laptop…..

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