{June 23, 2007}   storms and shopping

time is really flying by lately. one more week of these classes and then we have exams, and a week of vacation.

oh, and I’ve figured out how to not show the whole entire post. ain’t I smrt ;)

we’ve seen a little bit of real chinese weather this week. I get the feeling it’s just the tip of the iceberg. wednesday, thursday, and friday all had a storm vaguely around dinnertime. we’ve never seen storms like these: first there’s lots of thunder and lightning, really loud, but no rain. the air is thick and hot… then eventually it starts to rain a little – and suddenly it’s fucking pouring! I’ve never seen rain come down so heavily.
wednesday some of our group got caught by the storm – they ended up riding home through the rain and getting completely soaked.
thursday we were heading out for dinner when the thunder started – me and one guy went back for umbrellas, and the rain started pouring as soon as we left campus. good thing it was only a few minutes’ walk – but we might as well have been walking through a river. the umbrella protected part of me, but from the knees down I was utterly soaked. my sandals were still wet saturday afternoon! and it turned out that everyone else had reached the restaurant just before the rain. by the time we finished dinner it was over, of course :)
friday I think everyone was smart enough to avoid the storm, though :) I spent most of that day just lounging around in my room, actually.

today (saturday) I actually went out into the real world for once. ;) ate some 拉面, cycled down to DQ for a delicious mango-coconut blizzard, then headed to 好又多 to buy stuff.

I discovered that wearing a low-cut shirt and lots of sunscreen is not a good idea, especially when riding around. every little bit of dirt the wind blew at me stuck.

[edit] wtf? the end of this post is gone. just… gone. was it like this since I first posted, or did it change? because of that silly cut, I’ll never know. doh. :/ I remember writing about the free ice cream I got, and the weird stuff I saw at haoyouduo (like really old-looking radios)… but by now I can’t remember what else I might have said :( meh.

liquidat says:


(I love that :D )

kahlees says:


[…] storms and shopping time is really flying by lately. one more week of these classes and then we have exams, and a week of vacation. oh, and […] […]

taupter says:

Nice you discovered how to not show the whole post. :) But I’d please ask you to show the entire post. :) It’s a lot easier to read it all with Akregator instead of popping another khtml window. ;)
Ok, it’s a matter of personal preference, but… ;)
Ah, and I suppose 拉面 is something we eat using a lot of chopsticks, cause I can’t differentiate between a food’s name written in chinese and food handling instructions. :D


Chani says:

taupter: “a lot of chopsticks” is bad grammar, I think; either you use a pair of them or you don’t use them at all :) the thought of someone holding a handful of chopsticks and stabbing at food with them is pretty funny!
拉面 = la mian = like instant noodles, but fresh, and therefore much much better.

ChaniBlog says:

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