{June 26, 2007}   to snip or not to snip?

poll time!

when I post long rambling posts, should I show the whole thing in akregator or just the first bit? obviously the people who read my blog are the ones who are affected by it, not me, so I wanna know what you think.

jpwhiting says:

it’s nice when planet stuff is readable in akregator, but that’s just my opinion :)

Edgeman says:

I like to read things in akregator, saves waiting for my browser to open. Though I like this site design, so I am glad I clicked to open it in this case ;)

liquidat says:

I don’t care – I read your blog via planet kde in akregator and open all interesting posts in konqueror anyway to read them.

N says:

I also read stuff in Akregator, and I prefer to open the actual site only when I’m interested in the comments.

LukyLuke says:

I have a lot of feeds in akregator and I’m not a fan of blogs and news-sites where I first must click and wait just to read the whole content (and after that, close the tab and so on) ;-)

Matt says:


I always read your posts using a feed reader anyway (either from work or home). So I’d say post the whole thing :)

Dado says:

I like reading the whole thing in Akregator and if posts don’t hint there’s more where that came from, I miss it, which is a shame.

Don’t know why The Dot doesn’t publish any text in articles. :(

adrian says:

Well, i read planet kde blogs in the original website, but having full feed allows me to search more conveniently trough them.
In feeds i dont want to visit original website i am pleased if full feed is provided: i dont want to visit original website.
For offline people full feed is the only way to read your rants ;).

Martin says:

No snip, please.

adrian says:

… fullfeed us!

Chris says:

Hi. I vote for having the whole thing in akregator. Thanks!

I can’t really see the point of cutting the posts anyway. It’s not the handful KBs it saves me from downloading which are gonna change anyting.

taupter says:

Full feed. :D Reading it all in one batch directly from Akregator, without having to load images and comments (Akregator doesn’t honor font settings and messes with formatting when loading the full site, turning that mode useless at least to me), being able to read it offline or storing it for later consumption…
That’s why you should imho to put the whole thing. :D

Bogomips says:

I have to add my opinion too because this is something that annoys me greatly.

In my view there is only one reason behind snipping feeds: whoever is on the other end wants you to open their site so they can get ad revenues. This has the side effect of almost completely defeating the point behind aggregators.

What in the beginning was a way to _aggregate_ content from disparate sources so that you could read it through a common interface, has become just a fancy notification mechanism to let you know there are new articles on a given site, which you will then have to access if you want to get to said content.

And now that I have gotten my little rant out of the way, yes, by all means include the full posting on the feed :)

Michael says:

no snip please… I like reading your blog through Bloglines…

Dave says:

Another vote for no-snip, here.

gregj says:

don’t snip my dear.
I don’t really want to open next window in akregator for every blog post I read :)

Another Martin says:

no, don’t snip text please. it doesn’t take time to load anyway.

nathan says:

please do not snip. but i only plead because, the only time i click to read more is if i am going to add a comment. (/me uses akregator)

steve says:

Please don’t snip!

I think it’s a shame when bloggers only post a teaser. I’m not going to read the blog if all I get is a 5 sentence teaser. It just defeats the purpose of aggregation.

Say no to snip!

I read this blog with Newsfox (SeaMonkey RSS extension)(via Planet KDE) and sniping makes for extra clicks, or missing out on something good because I didn’t want to click.

Chani says:

wow, such a response! :) and only one circumcision joke. lol

I think the point about offline reading is a very good one – I now remember my first week in china, when I found wireless access for a day – long enough for akregator to grab lots of feeds – and then couldn’t get access after that. a lot of planetkde posts were less interesting because couldn’t load the pictures :( and the ones that didn’t post full text were just pointless.

I’m for the full feed too.

robbat2 says:

Could we have something in the middle?
LiveJournal’s RSS feeds have the full text, while actually visiting the LJ directly shows just the cut markers.

Mel says:

Just another vote for no snipping :)

Chani says:

robbat2: I have no idea if wordpress is capable of such a thing.

Tim says:

Full is better. I normally don’t click the ‘full story’ button because it wastes 2 seconds of my life to read the entire story, just have a summary separated by a couple of lines.

Meh says:

Don’t snip. If you decide to nonetheless, make it bleeding obvious that I have to take further action to read the whole article.

Anon Ymous says:

I wan’t it all! :) In akregator that is ;)

Don’t cut your hair. Long hair is in right now.

Steve says:

Not to snip! If the reader doesn’t want to read a full entry, they have complete freedom to stop. The Freedom of Choice. ;)

Chani says:

abarclay: too late, I got it all shaved off in a fundraiser at the end of march :) (also, I have to wonder – was that a joke or did you comment without reading? I get some pretty silly comments sometimes.)

everyone else: okay, okay, I get the picture :) obviously I won’t start using the snip thing.

richih says:

No snipping. I hate have to click on ‘aggregated’ links

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