{June 30, 2007}   pre-exam procrastination

exams start on monday, so I’ve been procrastinating far too much lately. haven’t even been doing much useful with my time… I’m really not sure where it went. far too much time spent reading blogs, I think. oh, and we found a delicious mexican restaurant nearby. it has cheese. cheeese!!

I did get some sewing done yesterday, though. made a ball so that I can again try learning to juggle. :) I used this guide and this pattern, even though it’s meant for leather and all I had was a t-shirt. I stuffed it with green beans – the store across the street conveniently sells various small packets of beans. it turned out surprisingly well. :) I think I’ll make another ball later today. sewing such weird curves isn’t very easy, though, so I have to be awake and not let my mind wander.

oh yeah, and I went to go pay for net access today, but it seems that the place where we’re supposed to pay is closed on weekends. and today is the last day of the month. it’ll be interesting to see whether I have internet access on sunday. :/

meh. I just discovered that wordpress ate half of a post somehow. evil thing.

jpwhiting says:

Chani, I’m not sure most of your readers think of Lu-Dou when you say green beans! You may want to be a bit clearer, the first thing I thought of was string-beans in cloth to make a juggling ball. :)

Taupter says:

Chani, you way of saying cheese made me recall immediately of Wallace (and Gromit). :)

Chani says:

rofl. :) good point, jp

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