{July 2, 2007}   yay! vacation!

well, technically I have one more exam thursday morning, but judging by the practice one I could do it in my sleep ;)
we just finished the hardest exam an hour ago. my chinese grammar really isn’t so good lately, and I don’t know how to write as many characters as I should… but still, I think I did okay.
yesterday our 口语 test was delayed quite a bit – some other class was taking forever, or something. since they were individual ten-minute speaking tests there wasn’t much to be done but wait. at least we had some entertainment while we were waiting – at one point I heard a strange noise and turned just in time to see the back 2/3 of a cat hanging out of the hallway ceiling! it scrambled back up and disappeared, leaving a couple of ceiling tiles on the floor. now pete wants to go find the ceiling cat and take a picture for lolcats ;)

oh, and I did lose net access from sunday afternoon to monday afternoon, but since aKademy was offline too it seems I didn’t miss much. :) and it forced me to get more studying done, so in a way it was a good thing. :)

so now I don’t have classes again until the 16th. yay! I’m not sure what I’ll end up doing with my vacation time.

liquidat says:

Since you do write quite a lot in Chinese – are you actually able to read Chinese characters in Konqueror?

While Firefox displays all characters right, Konqueror has lots of problems and shows me quite some black squares instead of the Chinese characters. Did you modify anything for your konqueror?

Chani says:

I installed lots of font-y packages and set everything to use ZenKai Uni. also, a few releases ago, konqueror stopped respecting my font needs and insisted on using its own retarded choice of fonts, which only supported about half the chinese chars, so I had to do some css magic to half-fix that. kde4 will bring us qt4’s nice happy font support so I won’t need that awful hack much longer.

liquidat says:

Hm, ok, thanks for the answer, I will just wait for KDE 4 then ;)

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