{July 13, 2007}   this is the life

vacation’s going pretty well. I’ve been practising my juggling (three balls sewn – I’ll make more *after* I can properly juggle three) and reading lots of history n’stuff online.
one thing I haven’t been doing much of is studying. :) but I still have a few days before class starts. I’m trying to get in the habit of doing a bunch of stuff that I want to continue doing – not easy for me. procrastination tends to win, but this time I’m hoping I can beat it.
having a couple of days properly alone has been good for that… I can just tune out the outside world and focus on myself for a while. for me, any good vacation involves spending a few days alone :)

this evening I biked over to 好又多 for dinner and shopping… went to the same little restaurant as last time I ate there. the noodles are nice, but… I give up on 肉 now, completely. I just don’t like the meat here. the shredded chicken at the mexican place is good, but that’s it. I guess I just don’t like eating something that’s obviously an animal. however, when I tried to order a drink I ended up with some cold lentil soup (绿豆汤) – and it was quite yummy. :)

inside 好又多 itself I only meant to buy some shelves for my room, but I ended up with a bunch of useful stuff that I’d forgotten I wanted. took me forever to find string so that I could tie stuff to my bike – I’d given up and was going to buy tape instead when I saw the one brand of string on the bottom shelf. only one colour too – pink. :)
there were plenty of interesting things I didn’t buy, too… but I’ve forgotten what. all I remember is that they seem to sell porn there. o.0
a few days ago I bought a blender there, but I haven’t taken it out of the box yet. I think I’ll do that in a minute – I bought some fruit on my way home, so I can make a smoothie. I’m just not sure how to compensate for the lack of milk and have it still taste good.

one odd thing is that I haven’t done any programming for a while. I was planning to – I spent all of thursday morning rereading my extensive notes on a personal project. but… when it came to actually coding, I simply didn’t want to. perhaps my mind’s just preoccupied with other stuff right now.
I’m feeling kinda homesick, too. lucky pete, he gets cheap flights so he can go home during our august vacation. I guess I should figure out the dates of our january break and plan a trip back for then. for now I’ll try and focus on studying and learning.

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