{August 28, 2007}   on a lighter note

up until today, I really had been having a wonderful time. zhenjiang was… interesting. from there I went to nanjing with devon, and then to shanghai on my own – that was the first time I was in a city where I really didn’t know a single person. I managed to find a hostel and have some fun, and then went on to canada.

it’s been really nice being back here. clean air, space, delicious food, lots of friends to see, even made some new friends too… I’ve been jumping from one place to another, seeing people and doing things, fixing up my bike, riding up far too many hills, relaxing on the beach… it was really a great vacation. I was actually getting paranoid about how well it was going, half-expecting something horrible to happen to even things out :P anyways, there are still fun things planned for the last few days, and hopefully my luck will switch back to being good again tomorrow. :P

I was kinda expecting this vacation to remind me of things that aren’t so good about canada, like when I visited england and suddenly didn’t miss it quite so much… but really, there isn’t that much to dislike. mainly I just miss having my own place… stuff is expensive here, yes, but you get what you pay for. except when it comes to translink ;)
one nice thing about hangzhou, though – the roads are much flatter! all these hills are kinda tiring when you’re on a bike…

{August 28, 2007}   oops.

well, I was having far too much fun to think about my blog… until today.
I started off the morning by crashing my bike, hurting myself and damaging the brand new front wheel (although I think it’s minor enough that once the brakes are adjusted it won’t really matter). then when I got home in the afternoon, I dumped half a glass of fruit juice into my laptop (oh, and all over my clothes, of course). the rest of the day (after taking apart and cleaning the laptop as best I could) I got by with nothing more than minor injuries, like pinching my finger in my cellphone, and slamming my leg into the bike pedal a dozen times :P
then in the evening I decided my poor laptop should be dry, so I put it back together, wiped off a few bits of juice I’d missed (the stuff got *everywhere*), and tried to turn it on.


it’s dead. :(

I spent months researching this laptop, I put it together myself, I had stickers all over it… and now it’s dead. :(
it was fairly old even when I bought it – I had trouble finding places that still had the parts – but it’s been incredibly reliable, and the most linux-friendly machine I’ve ever had. I don’t want it to be broken. wah. :(

and I’m going back to china on monday, and I *need* a laptop there ’cause it’s my only link to the outside world… and I am not fucking looking forward to trying to find a vaguely linux-friendly laptop in china, and making sure I’m being sold what I expect, and trying not to get too badly ripped off on the price…

I’ll try the laptop again in the morning, I suppose, just in case it wasn’t quite dry enough and I didn’t make things worse trying to turn it on too early.

I am a very lucky girl. it *did* turn on again in the morning. I can’t test whether it can function completely, though, ’cause I had to take the heatsink off while I was cleaning it, so now I need to replace the thermal paste before I can leave it on for more than a few seconds. :)
this update would’ve been up earlier, but a power outage got in the way, and then I was on my way to the beach :)
strange that wordpress didn’t save a draft for me – maybe it doesn’t do that for edits?

{August 8, 2007}   going to canada

so, I booked tickets. I guess that means I’m actually going home for my vacation. :)

seeing as the weather here has somehow got even hotter, it’ll be nice to get away for a while. I bought a bamboo mat because our teacher said they’re easier to sleep on, and it did help a little – I don’t have to sleep in a pool of my own sweat, at least.

anyways, I’ll be heading to zhenjiang for the weekend, and then either come back for a few days or stay a little longer and go straight to shanghai – either way, I have to be at the airport on the 16th. I’ll be coming back on sept 3rd, which gives me almost a week to settle in again before classes.

I went in person to get tickets, because I thought it would be cheaper, but it seems I got ripped off instead – next time I’ll just buy online.

uh, I really should be studying instead of blogging. exams tomorrow and friday. boo.

{August 1, 2007}   upcoming vacation

so life mostly continues. days get hotter, sleeping is tough sometimes (I’m thiiis close to asking to be moved to a quieter floor), days merge together more and more…
we had a midterm on monday, and I did okay, despite devon coming to visit for the weekend. :) now there’s just a bit more than a week left before the end of this class, and the beginning of a month of vacation.
I’ll spend the first weekend up in zhenjiang for ashi’s birthday. after that… it gets a bit fuzzy. I don’t really enjoy travel, but nor do I like the idea of sitting in my room alone for long periods of time – a few days is good, more than 3 days or so is bad for the mind.

I’ve been kinda pondering the idea of going back to canada for a couple of weeks. it would be horribly expensive… but… well, I haven’t been spending much the last few months, and I have been feeling pretty homesick.
I dunno. there are a lot of pros and cons, so I’m trying to clear up my thoughts a bit by blogging.

seeing a bunch of friends
seeing the dogs
going to the beach
not having to hide from the sun
many other delicious foods
clean air for a little while
a chance to get some stuff I wish I’d brought with me

plane tickets, probably around $1400
cost of food
spending an awful amount of time on cramped airplanes
having to readjust to the pollution afterwards
less time for studying or general learning

having to actually plan stuff and buy tickets and so on
don’t have a canadian phone now
don’t have a bus pass (ok, so that’s a pretty minor annoyance)
don’t quite have a bike (most of one is in storage out in ladner) – perhaps I could acquire one, but I’ve had bad luck with that in the past

ok, so the list of cons was longer until I renamed some of them ‘annoyances’ – but I’ve always been better at thinking of bad things than good things. the only part that’s definitely important is the money. I do have enough, but it’s not really *my* money, since my uncle’s giving me money for school right now. so it partially depends on what he thinks. I haven’t actually needed to get money from him since I left the country, thanks to the low cost of living here.

so, I have to decide: is it worth all that money for a couple of weeks back in vancouver? the next chance I would get is around the end of january.

et cetera