{August 1, 2007}   upcoming vacation

so life mostly continues. days get hotter, sleeping is tough sometimes (I’m thiiis close to asking to be moved to a quieter floor), days merge together more and more…
we had a midterm on monday, and I did okay, despite devon coming to visit for the weekend. :) now there’s just a bit more than a week left before the end of this class, and the beginning of a month of vacation.
I’ll spend the first weekend up in zhenjiang for ashi’s birthday. after that… it gets a bit fuzzy. I don’t really enjoy travel, but nor do I like the idea of sitting in my room alone for long periods of time – a few days is good, more than 3 days or so is bad for the mind.

I’ve been kinda pondering the idea of going back to canada for a couple of weeks. it would be horribly expensive… but… well, I haven’t been spending much the last few months, and I have been feeling pretty homesick.
I dunno. there are a lot of pros and cons, so I’m trying to clear up my thoughts a bit by blogging.

seeing a bunch of friends
seeing the dogs
going to the beach
not having to hide from the sun
many other delicious foods
clean air for a little while
a chance to get some stuff I wish I’d brought with me

plane tickets, probably around $1400
cost of food
spending an awful amount of time on cramped airplanes
having to readjust to the pollution afterwards
less time for studying or general learning

having to actually plan stuff and buy tickets and so on
don’t have a canadian phone now
don’t have a bus pass (ok, so that’s a pretty minor annoyance)
don’t quite have a bike (most of one is in storage out in ladner) – perhaps I could acquire one, but I’ve had bad luck with that in the past

ok, so the list of cons was longer until I renamed some of them ‘annoyances’ – but I’ve always been better at thinking of bad things than good things. the only part that’s definitely important is the money. I do have enough, but it’s not really *my* money, since my uncle’s giving me money for school right now. so it partially depends on what he thinks. I haven’t actually needed to get money from him since I left the country, thanks to the low cost of living here.

so, I have to decide: is it worth all that money for a couple of weeks back in vancouver? the next chance I would get is around the end of january.

Thomas Zander says:

* not wanting to go back to china afterwards ;)
* in 5 years regretting you did not use the opportunity to see the real Chinese touristy thingies (wall / forbidden city / beautiful country side)

Whatever you do, have fun :)

Tyson says:

It is entirely likely that you are at lowest point of the culture shock phenomenon. The initial excitement of a new place has mostly worn off (the honeymoon phase), but the associated difficulties still remain (the negotiation phase). The good thing is that this means you are likely to come up to the final phase soon (the everything is ok phase).

You may find it comforting to Google “culture shock” and read up on it a bit, if indeed this is what is happening to you. In any event, good luck with it all.

thom says:

Go visit Japan or Vietnam…

Chani says:

thomas: I’ll have plenty of chances to see chinese touristy things in more bearable weather. :) I think going to zhenjiang and maybe one other place will be *quite* enough for august.

Andras says:

Go to some other Asian place, maybe even inside China. Like Tibet for example. :)

lamarguerite says:

Another con: being an indirect contributor to more pollution from jet fuel.

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