{August 8, 2007}   going to canada

so, I booked tickets. I guess that means I’m actually going home for my vacation. :)

seeing as the weather here has somehow got even hotter, it’ll be nice to get away for a while. I bought a bamboo mat because our teacher said they’re easier to sleep on, and it did help a little – I don’t have to sleep in a pool of my own sweat, at least.

anyways, I’ll be heading to zhenjiang for the weekend, and then either come back for a few days or stay a little longer and go straight to shanghai – either way, I have to be at the airport on the 16th. I’ll be coming back on sept 3rd, which gives me almost a week to settle in again before classes.

I went in person to get tickets, because I thought it would be cheaper, but it seems I got ripped off instead – next time I’ll just buy online.

uh, I really should be studying instead of blogging. exams tomorrow and friday. boo.

Thomas Zander says:

Hmm, a daily cuddling your dog or sleeping in a pool of sweat. I guess it was a real hard call ;)

Have fun!

And don’t hesitate to abuse your broadband to upload some of those pics of China

Chani says:

I don’t have a camera; pete’s the one taking pics. he is uploading them… slowly… ;)

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