{August 28, 2007}   on a lighter note

up until today, I really had been having a wonderful time. zhenjiang was… interesting. from there I went to nanjing with devon, and then to shanghai on my own – that was the first time I was in a city where I really didn’t know a single person. I managed to find a hostel and have some fun, and then went on to canada.

it’s been really nice being back here. clean air, space, delicious food, lots of friends to see, even made some new friends too… I’ve been jumping from one place to another, seeing people and doing things, fixing up my bike, riding up far too many hills, relaxing on the beach… it was really a great vacation. I was actually getting paranoid about how well it was going, half-expecting something horrible to happen to even things out :P anyways, there are still fun things planned for the last few days, and hopefully my luck will switch back to being good again tomorrow. :P

I was kinda expecting this vacation to remind me of things that aren’t so good about canada, like when I visited england and suddenly didn’t miss it quite so much… but really, there isn’t that much to dislike. mainly I just miss having my own place… stuff is expensive here, yes, but you get what you pay for. except when it comes to translink ;)
one nice thing about hangzhou, though – the roads are much flatter! all these hills are kinda tiring when you’re on a bike…

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