{September 17, 2007}   almost, but not entirely, off-topic

since someone complained about my being utterly offtopic for planetkde (and sadly he’s right) I figured I’d make an attempt at getting at least somewhere close to being on-topic. I have actually begun coding again (yay!!!), which is nice. despite the start-of-school madness, I’ve found time, and have regained that obsessive desire to code which mysteriously vanished for a semester. I think it helps that our jindu class is only doing one chapter a week, instead of one a day (that was insane and I hardly remember anything I learnt and I’m so glad it’s over).

first, let’s get the RL stuff out of the way: school is school, but we’ve been split into different classes, which means new friends and also having an amount of time when my bf is in class and I’m not. I was expecting electives to take a chunk of my free time, but when we got to see the sheet today, the class I really wanted to take conflicted with my schedule. I’m really pissed off about that right now; you’d think china would have lots of martial arts courses, but no, there’s just. this. one. and I can’t frigging take the class. and last semester they said we couldn’t take any electives because we arrived too late in the semester. and the semester before, in canada, I dropped my martial arts class because I needed more time to study. grrrrr. I’ve only had one semester where I successfully got into a course, and it was such fun…

aanyways. at least that leaves me with more coding time, I guess. I did get kde4 compiled again a week or two ago, and played with it a bit, but I wasn’t really sure what I might want to work on, or what I might be able to do. I quickly got distracted by an old project I keep reviving and attempting to rewrite… I got a fair bit further in that than other attempts, because this time I was using pyqt4, but it never really gets far because I just can’t decide where it’s going. :) it’s dropping into the background again already.

yesterday I spent a lot of time playing around with django, because a friend has asked me to do some for-profit coding. it’s a really small project, so I’m only expecting it to take a couple of weeks… I just have to figure out what tools I want to use to do it. :) django seems fun, but might be overkill… I dunno. pylons looks interesting too.

something I was discussing last night was the state of plasma. I was really surprised that it doesn’t yet have panels I can toss things onto, and the taskbar and systray seem such a mess… I was a bit less surprised by this when I found out qt4.3’s qgraphicsview can’t have qwidgets on the canvas. doh. that would make things a bit harder, wouldn’t it? :) shame we can’t just make 4.4 be out already :P I guess that’ll just have to wait… there are several things I’m really looking forward to in 4.1, now.

in the meantime, maybe once I’m done this paid code I’ll dive into plasma and see if I can lend a hand there. I’m also interested in making kde’s proxy stuff suck less (since I have such a crazy mess of proxies here) but I’ve been told that has to wait until 4.1.

jwickers says:

Hi, for your coding, Django is very simple so it fits really nicely to small projects.

I didn’t try pylons, if you do be sure to blog about it :P

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