{September 25, 2007}   almost back in action, maybe, kinda

Sebastian: thanks for that development priorities list. it’s just the sort of thing I was looking for :)

the paid project I was looking at is ‘on hold’ now, although I’m told it really will happen eventually, so over the weekend I cleaned out my kde4 stuff and rebuilt it from scratch, to make sure I had no cruft left over that might cause extra bugs. I’m happy to see that keyboard shortcuts work again now :) and the krunner finally appears to work well for me – until plasma freezes, that is ;)
I still can’t get scim to work, though. :( I can run it, and it believes it’s running just fine, but trying to turn it on does nothing. no idea what could have caused that.
…while fiddling with it, I seem to have broken keyboard shortcuts, though. doh.

now I’m trying to figure out what I should work on… I want to get some of the useful important stuff done, and it sounds like there’s a lot of that in plasma, but thanks to inconvenient timezones and net access being like a yo-yo recently, I haven’t really achieved much in the way of communication, so I’m not quite sure what would be most useful to the plasma team.

also, maybe I should try to find out why scim stopped working, or why the keyboard shortcuts died, or something – but I’d have no idea where to start with such things.
now I just hope that my laptop doesn’t fail to hibernate, because the fscking net is down again… [and it returned – the next day.]

Andreas says:

The global shortcuts probably stopped working because the old KControl module for global shortcuts writes bogus data to kdedrc. This should be fixed as of today. If you still have a contaminated kdedrc you need to delete everything that doesn’t look like
\x01 =
to fix this ( can be “none”). Hope this helps.

Andreas says:

Oops, an overzealous HTML tag filter destroyed my text.
You need to delete every line in kdedrc in the [Default Shortcuts] group that does not look like
(mainComponent)\x01(actionName) = (Keys)
where (Keys) can be “none” ore something like “Ctrl+Alt+A”.

Chani says:

yay shortcuts.
scim still doesn’t work, though, wah.
nnow I should look at the composite issues.. um.. after sleep

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