{October 4, 2007}   bloody mondays

this week’s libs monday lasted an incredibly long time. now apparently we’ve got another one starting on friday – and in my timezone it’s been friday for 45 minutes already. :) looked like everyone was in panic-mode, getting in all those last-minute oh-so-important API changes.

this was quite amusing to watch on irc, but it did cause me a few inconveniences. I somehow ended up with a mostly-working build, except that keyboard shortcuts and konsole weren’t working, and decided that I’d rather not risk getting something more broken, so I left it at that and only updated the plasma folders for a few days.

after poking around in the code and banging my head against a wall for a long time, I finally realised the source of one of the bugs I was seeing – and once I fixed that, something in my head clicked :) I feel like I’m beginning to understand plasma now. yesterday I learnt about how the systray works, and got it to behave properly when stuff was removed.
as for today, after updating in the morning I found that the new desktop containment had broken the desktop right-click menu for me – and since my keyboard shortcuts weren’t working, this meant I had no way to run programs. I tried putting stuff in kde’s autostart, but that didn’t work, and somehow it wasn’t until the afternoon that I tried getting my xinitrc to run xterm for me :P I spent far, far too long investigating the cause of this problem, but at least I learnt more about plasma, and got a bit of experience with gdb too. :)

seeing as I’ve been on the computer all day every day since monday, I figured I should get out into the real world this evening. I went to the night market with some other students, and ended up buying sunglasses. I paid 3 times what they’re apparently worth, which isn’t bad seeing as I had no clue what they were worth while I was bargaining. :) but considering how often I lose sunglasses, it was a bit more than I should have paid. I guess next time I’ll be able to get a fair price.

right now I’m waiting for kdelibs et al to compile, and hoping that my keyboard shortcuts will magically return when everything’s updated. hopefully tomorrow I can go squash some more plasma bugs. :) although I guess I really should do some of my homework before the holiday is over…

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