{October 11, 2007}   progress

whee! today I finally fixed the issue with stuff not being drawn right on the panel. I’ve got a taskbar and lots of clocks, and they’re not vanishing at all :)

you might notice a few regressions if you check out the code tonight – panel only being on one desktop, not being able to drag&drop applets onto the desktop, no wallpaper – but those are caused by aaron being in the middle of more awesomeness, so I bet they’ll be fixed again in a day or two. :) we’re getting a new toolbox, and… I forget what other shiny things.

I should go do my homework now, I guess. darn homework. the holiday’s over, but I haven’t actually been to class much, for various reasons.
monday there was a typhoon – actually, it started on sunday. we went out sunday afternoon to zijingang, and it was just raining a bit when we got on the bus – but when we got off, it was pouring. we spent a couple of hours hanging out in the library with chinese people, but there wasn’t anything good to eat there, so eventually we had to head to a cafeteria… in the rain and wind and dark… I had a disposable raincoat instead of an umbrella, and I’m not sure which one was better. the wind was pretty strong, and the rain was just crazy. I’m very glad I wore sandals – having to sit around in soggy shoes would suck. we had to wade through a couple inches of water at times. I rolled my pants up to the knees, since the raincoat was about that long, but the wind pushed it up so the ends of my pants got wet anyways. still, I was probably the least soaked. :) pete, on the other hand, was definitely the most soaked. poor guy took a wrong turn (not surprising – the wind and rain were so bad that at times all I could see was my friend’s feet in front of me) and had to phone us and find his way over while we already ordering food.
the weather was just as bad after dinner, so we decided to take a taxi home – probably a good idea, but getting to and from the taxi still meant getting soaked.

this crazy weather continued all through monday. I went to my first class – had to wade through a river to get to the store, then passed a couple of waterfalls on the way to class – and discovered the entrance to the building had turned into a lake. I’ve never seen so much rain in my life. by the end of class I realised that sitting around in damp clothes was just going to make me sick (in retrospect, I think I already *was* sick) and skipped my second class – it was in a different building, so I had to go outside either way.

tuesday morning the sun was shining – but I didn’t go to class because I felt crappy. then I found out that thursday’s class was cancelled – yay :) so wednesday was the only day I went to all my classes. judging by the headache I got in the last class, maybe I should have rested an extra day. :P but I feel fairly good now. I just have to get that homework done before the morning. I guess I can go back to coding after class… wow, it’ll be the weekend again already. time really flies when you’re programming :)

Marius says:

Hey Chani , nice blog. I have to admit to initially reading it because I was getting bored at work :). I do like your way of telling stories though, and that you like writing a lot and with all the details.
Unfortunately after reading only some of it I have no idea what you’re talking about :)). I’ll read more , maybe then things will become clearer. I do remember talking to you on #kopete once back when you were doing Oscar file transfers.
By the way I’m a big Dune fan, I think it’s one of the best books. I’m a Java programmer but I’m going to take up C++ and QT/KDE since I’ve long been a fan of KDE and I need to port a Windows only open source program ( Strong DC ).
I wish you all the best and be careful with that rain and stuff , we need good programmers to be healthy :).
Oh and keep writing stuff in the blog. It’s fun to read and helps with no getting bored Friday at work.

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