{October 26, 2007}   taking a break

I’m trying to take a break from the interwebs right now. I’ll probably be back in a week or something.

btw, typing on dvorak isn’t all that hard :) just slooow.

Level 1 says:

Dvorak is cool, its thought to take about a month to get back to your original speed. Also, personally I don’t think you should have a keyboard that actually has dvorak letters in it. Good Luck!

kawa says:

Hey, funnily I made the switch to dvorak (german type 2) 3 days ago too.

I can allready feel the difference (a positive one)

Paul Dann says:

I’ve been using Dvorak for…oh about 6 years I think? I was about 16 when I switched I think. I’ve converted a couple of other people, including my wife, which means no switching at home :) I never looked back. It’s much more comfortable, and well worth the (relatively painless and actually quite fun) transition period.

Yes, I’d also recommend keeping your keyboard labelled in Qwerty — it forces you to touch-type. There are also a number of applications and games that still have Qwerty hardwired, and it can be helpful to be able to glance at the keyboard to find the Qwerty key at those times.

Good luck, and good choice :)

Chani says:

I guess I should clarify: I haven’t actually switched to dvorak, I was just using my bf’s comp. I bet if I used dvorak for a whole day it wouldn’t be slow any more – but then qwerty would be slow instead. :) and if anything, I’d have to try one-handed dvorak – on a desktop I leave my right hand on the mouse, and with my laptop I’m sometimes using my right hand to hold the thing up (it’s that light) :) it’s become such a habit that trying to type with two hands feels terribly awkward now.

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