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I’m not really here still. just a bit of blogging to make up for my lack of long-term memory. :)

trying to balance coding and school wasn’t as easy as I’d hoped. whenever something unexpected happens (which seems to be almost every day, lately) one or the other has to be sacrificed. sometimes both. that sucks. I’m also a lot less interested in actually studying at all when there’s an endless amount of coding I could be doing instead…
I ended up feeling far too frustrated about it, and then there was silly online drama, and I ate some bad food *again*, so I decided I had to get away from the computer to try and clear my head, and get back in the habit of studying properly. I really don’t want to end up being another person who starts working on code and then vanishes. I’m not in a great position right now, though. guess I’ll have to see how things work out.

anyways, even though I’ve barely been online at all in the last week, I still haven’t been paying enough attention to school. it seems a lot of us are just in a slump right now. it’s harder and harder to bother with going to class. however, I think things are likely to improve soon. I hope. there’s a midterm and the HSK exam coming up in a few weeks, so if we don’t start studying more, exam-panic will eventually take over. :)

on thursday, me and pete went out and bought a hot plate, plus various cooking utensils. we used the “kitchen” area near his room, which is just a tiled room with tables, a fridge full of mystery foods, a sink, and a hot water dispenser. he cooked a simple veggie stew, and while the food itself was nothing special, it was incredibly good to have a home-cooked meal. food that was non-greasy, healthy, simple… a quiet place to eat… sitting around reading while waiting for the food to cook… even having veggies to chop and dishes to wash was just wonderful. I felt so calm and peaceful and, well, sane. kinda surprising that something as simple as cooking dinner can be so satisfying. :) I just wish we’d tried this sooner.

on friday jon joined us for dinner, and decided he had to buy a toaster oven. on saturday the three of us went to some fancy import store – jon got his toaster oven, and we also got an assortment of other useful things, like flax seeds (the best vegetarian source of omega-3s, which hardly anyone gets enough of). I found a box of muesli, which besides being delicious is probably the only source of whole grains in this whole darn country. we forgot balsamic vinegar, though, so we’ll have to go back. we ended up going to KTV (karaoke) afterwards which was fun – but by the time we got home the veggie market was closed, so we just went to the mexican restaurant for dinner.

sunday evening, jon used his new toaster oven to make some bread to go with dinner. omfg. delicious, delicious bread. it was soft, and fresh, and not loaded with sugar, and it was perfectly cooked, and had herbs and salt and garlic on it… mmmmm. I never knew a toaster oven could be used to make bread – let alone such quick, delicious bread. some of the other ddp students showed up to get some bread, and ended up sticking around to get help with their C assignment (they had only just been taught about functions, but the assignment seemed to require use of malloc n’stuff. wtf).

yay food! everything’s better when you have control over your food. it looks like pete, jon and I will be cooking most nights from now on. :) there’s also a lot of talk about what the toaster oven could be used for – cookies, lasagna, quesadillas… so many delicious ideas.

the weather’s been changing a lot lately too. temperatures are dropping quite fast. I think I might have to go shopping for some warmer clothes – they don’t heat the buildings here, and the classroom was uncomfortably cold today.
aand speaking of class, I’d better get some sleep before my alarm goes off. doh.

Marius says:

Hello Chani
I know it’s not that easy to do coding and school. I’m trying to do coding and working and school but so far haven’t been able to do much other than the working part which is a must. To be quite honest I just want to finish school because it’s getting boring, it just isn’t any fun. There barely any programming , not to mention QT or KDE stuff which we’ll never get to do. I’m thinking about porting a program to QT/KDE for my graduation paper but I’ll have to see if it’s OK with my teachers :D.
There’s also so many things in OS that need to be coded but so little time to do it. And then there’s also the problem about making money. I kinda hate programming in Java and Flex but it’s a living and I’ll probably have to keep it up instead of working on what I’d really like to.
So there, I just wrote my own frustrations too :)). About the cooking , there’s some machines that make the bread for you , I’d get one of those :D since you only have to put the ingredients and you get the bread.

Chani says:

nah, that’s too easy ;) besides, I don’t know if china has breadmakers; it does have toaster ovens. and it seems like jon’s method of making bread isn’t very hard anyways – we had some again a couple nights ago, and again it was incredibly awesome. plus, I don’t think the kind of bread he made could actually be done in a breadmaker.

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