{November 8, 2007}   more about food

time has been passing rather quickly lately. seems like I don’t do much more than eat, sleep, go to class, or sleep through class. I’ve been sleeping quite a lot. I’ve also been reading stuff, and wasting the rest of my time reading blogs. somehow other stuff just doesn’t happen. I’ve been meaning to go shopping, but somehow it never happens: today I slept from about 2pm to 6pm, and yesterday there was a surprise meeting with an important teacher.

last week I did do at least one interesting thing: I made soymilk. it was fun, and pretty easy. just soak the beans, blend them, filter and boil. 125g of beans produces more than a litre of soymilk. I discovered that I still don’t actually like drinking it, but it’s good for cereal, and pete drank it so fast it was all gone when I wanted another bowl of cereal in the evening. :)
bread continues to be delicious, food is nice… school still sucks. I don’t really have much of any enthusiasm left there. I’m not sure when I’ll start programming angain; I got as far as rebuilding kde4, but something’s wrong – it runs so slowly I can’t do *anything* – so I’ll have to fix that before I can do anything else with kde, and I’m not really motivated right now. I just want to sleep.

Marius says:

Oh come on Chani , I thought living there with people like the Chinese that work all day would make you wanna do stuff. But who am I to talk about doing stuff , haven’t done much of anything lately. Just the stuff I had to , go to work , go to school , then home. I’ve been able to do some shopping though but it’s what I’d call direct shopping meaning I knew what I wanted from online and then just went to a regular store and bought it. Saved on the shipping :)).
I’ve also been meaning to try some programming and KDE 4. Good new is that I’m finally working on some C++ at work instead of all that Java.
And oh , wait a minute , am I using your blog to write what I’m doing … oh well =)). Ah but it saves you the effort of reading mine. Besides I don’t really feel like having a blog :D.
I’m sure KDE 4 will work just fine on Frugalware , everything works on Frugalware , that’s why I love it ;)).
Keep those articles about food comming , I might decide to try to make something myself but it won’t be soymilk , that’s for sure :)). A coleague who’s a vegetarian couldn’t drink it so I doubt I could and I don’t eat cereals , they aren’t popular here :D.

Chani says:

it seems different brands of soymilk can be quite different. I bought one recently that tasted quite nice – whereas the stuff my mum bought once was awful.
it also seems to help if you don’t think of it as a milk replacement. somehow it really did taste worse if i thought about milk while drinking it.

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