{November 12, 2007}   another boring week

my bike got stolen on friday. that’s about all that’s happened. I’m kinda surprised it didn’t happen earlier, really; bike theft is very common here.

I seem to be a little less sleepy today. that’s probably good. the weather’s a little warmer, too, although it’s still fairly chilly. pretty normal for november, I suppose, although I’m not used to the lack of pesky rain. :)

Marius says:

I was just thinking if I should post here again because I seem to be kind of a regular around. But since Chani is kind enough to let me use her own blog instead of my own I see no good reason not to.
Bike theft , now that’s something I can relate to. Happed one and a half times to me. Once from my father’s garage and the half because the bike was locked but they thought of stealing the front wheel anyway , oh well that’s thieves for you :) .
It’s a bit chilly over here and riding the bike is not very comfortable but I still enjoy it and wouldn’t have it any other way ( car , mass transport ).
Other than that I just had a fight with out network admin for plugging in a colleague’s laptop so we could update the fresh Linux install. Well at least I got her to try Linux so that’s always good. It reminded me of my earlier days of breaking into wireless networks ( life of crime I know ) and MAC address spoofing.
Oh and I must say this , I’m excited about Android , I’ll take a look at the SDK that came out and play with it for a bit.
OK , that’s all , I feel a bit awkward because I wrote so much but I just had to say it all :)). Thanks , and now back to your host , Chani.

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