{November 16, 2007}   mmm, code

well, I was expecting that I’d have time to code again starting in december, so I thought I should fix up my kde4 problems ahead of time. somehow I ended up coding instead. :)

the main problem I’ve been having is an evil domino effect that highlighted some weaknesses in a few important areas. apparently there’s an issue with the version of libxine I’m using which affects phonon, making it hang or otherwise be slow and broken. then there’s knotify, with synchronous dbus calls, which hangs when it tries to talk to phonon because phonon’s stuck because of libxine. then there are other important bits of the framework, like kwin and plasma, which hang when they try to talk to knotify because it’s hung waiting for phonon…

the end result was that sometimes I got no desktop, sometimes I got a desktop that took ten minutes to load and I couldn’t use it afterwards (no creating, moving or switching between windows), and sometimes I got a desktop that was just really, really slow to respond to anything requiring window management and plasma would occasionally hang for 5-10 minutes.

anyways, hopefully this has been fixed now – I’m just waiting for stuff to recompile. :)
[edit – yay, it is fixed! :) oh, and I haven’t a clue why the title of this post showed up as my name in rss]

since I had a kinda-sorta-working desktop once in a while, I somehow ended up poking at the systray code again. I wanted to get it back to where it’s supposed to be, not floating at the top of the screen or in never-never-land. I found some code in kicker that did a similar thing – most of it used stuff I couldn’t use, but I discovered some important functions I would end up needing. eventually I got the co-ordinates right – it actually was much less of a pain than I’d expected. the only problem was getting it properly on top of the panel, because panels don’t want windows on them. soon as I’ve got confirmation that the way I’m doing that won’t cause headaches for anyone else, I’ll commit the code.

as for RL… I’ve passed my midterm, and I’m busily ignoring the fact that the HSK is a week away. the reason I expect to have time to code in december is that pete’s going back to canada. :( wah. I’m gonna have to buy a hot water bottle, the nights are getting colder and colder… actually, I’m already wearing two shirts during the day, since buildings aren’t heated here. I need to buy a new jacket, really.

oh, and only posts in the KDE category are showing up on planetkde now, so if you’re interested in the other stuff I’ve been doing in china you’ll have to get the full rss feed separately.

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